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Engagement Ad

Engagement Ads captivate consumers with rich, creative messages. Tuned and optimized to user engagement instead of clicks and conversions, Engagement Ads help you find new customers who are interested in your brand message.



Standard Banner
Dimension:320px by 50px (Collapsed),
320px by 416px (Expanded)
File Format: JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5 (Animation)
File Size Limit: 30K

Backup image
Dimension: 320px by 50px (Collapsed),
320px by 416px (Expanded)
File Format: JPG, GIF
File Size Limit: 30KB

Close Ad Button at The Top Banner

Mobile Underlay

An ad that appears in between content, with a depth effect. An “X” button collapses the ad.


Standard Banner
Dimension: 480px by 320px
File Format: JPG, GIF, PNG
File Size Limit: 60KB

Close Ad Button
Placement: At The Top Banner
The Ad will dissapear once scroll over


The ad appears before any content, providing extreme visibility to users. This ad grabs attention and makes sure the message gets across.

Mobile Card



Ad Unit: Mobile Card / Spin (EN/BM/CN)
Format: Card Images/Video
Dimension (Pixel) : (w) 640 x (h) 360
File Size: Card Image: 50KB / Video: Max 600kpbs
Total Cards Support : 2 – 4

1. Cards – 640 x 360
– in JPG / PNG / PSD / AI in layered format
– every card is clickable
– every card can have different landing url

2. Video (Optional) – Max 30Sec
– Maximum 2 videos allowed in Video MP4 / WEBM
– YouTube embed video NOT allowed

Mobile First View



Ad Unit: Mobile First View
Homepage only (auto close after 10sec)
Dimension: 320px by 416px
File Format: JPG, GIF, HTML5 (Animation)
File Size Limit: 30KB