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Reader Behaviours

Health Conscious

93% of our readers are more concerned about their general health and wellbeing than others. They are more likely to exercise regularly, less likely to smoke, and are prepared to spend money and time seeking out healthy food.


Early Adopter

78% of our readers are more likely to buy new brands or products, more likely to experience things first rather than seek the opinions of others. They represent the key for the success of new products in the marketplace.

Free Spender

73% of our readers are more likely to have less financial self-control when making purchases. They regularly upgrade consumer products when they become available, and are more likely to purchase upon impulse.



71% of our readers those who are generally well networked with a large number of unique audience. This is reflected in their ability to effortlessly make acquaintances and help bring different people together.


69% of our readers are persuasive communicators. This is reflected by their willingness to talk to a crowd of unique audience, considering themselves to be charismatic and enjoy being put forward to help persuade others.


Fashion Conscious

60% of our readers are those who actively seek out new fashion trends, as well as believe that it reflect a persons character. This is also reflected in their opinion that others would consider them more stylish than most.


Source: Effective Measure, April 2014

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