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Malaysiakini Desktop — Site Take Over


Site Take Over

The Site Take Over fades in when a page of a site is loaded and takes over the entire page. It consist of a top ribbon which shows the site’s domain that the user is currently at, with a skip button and the ad itself is below the ribbon, position in the center of users’ attention and will only be close when the user click on the skip button.


Standard Banner:
Dimension: 780px by 450px
File Format: JPG, GIF, HTML5 (Animation)
File Size Limit: 30KB

Backup image:
Dimension: 780px by 450px
File Format: JPG, GIF
File Size Limit: 30KB

Video (if any):
Ratio: 4:3 / 16:9
File Format: MP4
File Size Limit: 2MB
(Audio initiated by user (click) / auto play)
Video / Audio duration: Max. 120 seconds.
Replay: allowed with user initiation
Play, Pause and Mute buttons
Video Data Rate: 300kbps approximately
Audio: Mono 48kbps approximately
Frame Rate: 25fps

Close Ad Button
Placement: Top Right Screen
Auto Close: 8 to 10 seconds