Bachelor degree

The 29 Bachelor degree applications are research-based and oriented towards practice. The strong sensible orientation is evident in the curricula of your students, that are made according to the desires of the practice and turn the graduates into authorities in demand on the marketplace, in the certain methodological-didactic method at the FHNW and inside the competence writing a research proposal profile with the FHNW lecturers. The students are offered the technical and methodological skills to establish themselves in a dynamic skilled field. With its anchoring in one of several most important financial, cultural and social areas in Switzerland and its 160 partnerships abroad, the FHNW is excellently networked both regionally and internationally. The students at the FHNW benefit straight from this.

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Teaching and study at the cutting edge

The FHNW fulfills its four-fold efficiency mandate – coaching, further education, application-oriented investigation and improvement and solutions for the advantage of third parties – inside a quality-conscious and future-oriented manner. A central concern will be the graduates’ labor marketplace achievement. The FHNW so consistently keeps an eye on the social context in its teaching and investigation. A particular concentrate is on the interdisciplinary processing of main social troubles and challenges that include the aging of society, the energy transition along with the consequences of digital alter. Diverse and interdisciplinary

The nine universities of your FHNW cover a wide variety of topic areas and enable diverse, interdisciplinary analysis. The competencies with the lecturers and researchers, the fantastic infrastructure plus the regional, national and international networking in the FHNW offer the most effective circumstances for coping with a wide variety of concerns from science, home business, politics, culture and society.

Internationality Many people from more than 60 nations work and study at the FHNW. The FHNW positive aspects from this diversity and prepares its students for the challenges of the globalized economy and society. The international commitment of the FHNW involves partnerships with foreign universities and institutions, participation in European investigation programs as well as the implementation of trinational and multilingual courses. Sponsorship

The FHNW is owned by the 4 supporting cantons of Aargau, Basel-Landschaft, Basel-Stadt and Solothurn. You run the FHNW having a three-year functionality mandate. The interface involving the FHNW and the sponsors is definitely the Interparliamentary Commission (IPK) and the government committee, which is created up with the 4 education directors of the sponsoring cantons.