General FAQs

Who are the readers on Malaysiakini, KiniBiz, and KiniTV?

You can learn more about our readers through our Audience Reach section of this website.

Any advice for Advertisers considering making their own ads for the first time?
  • Keep it Simple – A short direct message works best
  • Few Words – Craft a headline that gets your point across fast. The only way to achieve this is to cut the number of words you use – 6 to 10 max. Replace complicated words that not everyone knows with simpler words everyone understands. Long words take time to read. For almost every long word, there’s a short word that’s just as effective. No more than two fonts.
  • Consistent Logo – Logo should always be present and represent 25% of ad.
  • Call to Action – Include a “Call to Action” such as ‘Buy now’ or ‘Read more’ – Let users know that there is relevant information just a click away. People often respond to these types of commands.
  • Seek Advice – Graphic professionals in our Design Group can help convey your message clearly and directly
  • Value Proposition or Offer – Create a compelling, benefit-laden offer
What is CPM?
Advertisers often purchase Ads in lots of 1,000 ad impressions. CPM or “cost per thousand” impressions is buying one lot of 1,000 Ad impressions (in Latin this translates into “cost per mille” hence CPM). See our rate card for latest advertised CPM Cost. CPMs will vary depending on the type of ad, the ad’s position on a page, and which page on the website (some sections of the online paper offer different rates). Other methods or Advertising Models that exist but are NOT used by this paper: Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost Per Click (CPC). CPM is a good method for brand building, especially when associated with a site with strong branding of its own – such as a newspaper website.
What is Unique Visitor?
A Unique Visitor is a unit of traffic to a Web site, counting each visitor only once in the period of the report (typically websites look at these reports during the last month or quarter). We can count visitors once (even though they might visit a particular site many times over the course of a month) with the use of cookies (which are little text files that say in our case “I’ve been here already this month”). As some folks don’t allow cookies to be set on their machine, we can’t know for sure the exact number of Unique Visitors but we can say we know the number of visits to our sites.
What is a Click-Thru Rate?
The percentage of users who clicked on a banner to go to that advertiser’s site.
What is Rich Media?

Rich Media is a term for advanced technology used in Internet ads, such as animated banner, special effects, and applets that allow user interaction. Some of our banners has an Expandable function. Which means you are allowed to serve two banners. One according to the standard size and the other expanded to a larger size when a reader mouse over the banner. Please refer to our Ad Specs for Rich Media requirements.

What 3rd Party Rich Media do you accept?

24/7, Ad Centric, Atlas, Blue Streak, DFA*, Clip Stream, EyeReturn, EyeWonder, EyeBlaster, KlipMart, Mediaplex, Point Roll, Real Media, Unicast, Zedo.

* Since we use DFP, internal redirects are required. If your 3rd party Ad Company is not listed please contact Ad Operations.

What do I have to keep in mind when preparing Flash files?
If supplying Flash creative for your ad, remember the dimensions and maximum file sizes (see the File Types & Preparation section if you’re not clear). We cannot support sizes that exceed these. Refer to our Ad Specs for this information.

Flash ads should have “ClickTag” implemented correctly so we can track the ad properly on our ad-serving system. For how to embed ClickTag on your flash banner, refer to our ClickTag Tutorial.

We also need an alternate static banner for users that do not have the flash plug in. Refer to our Ad Specs for this information.

What happens if someone doesn't have Flash?
When Flash isn’t available a back-up GIF image will be displayed to the reader. For all Flash Ads, we require a static (GIF, JPG or PNG) or animated GIF image as back up for this reason.
Why can't I see my ad?
Some online ads run in rotation. The number of times your ad will appear in rotation depends on the number of impressions purchased and the length of the campaign. To increase how frequently your ad appears in rotation, purchase more impressions, or shorten the campaign period. To guarantee you will see your ad, you may purchase one or more types of ads that do NOT run in rotation. Look for banners that has a Share of Voice (SOV) or Max Rotation of 100%.