Ad Agency FAQs

What 3rd Party Rich Media do you accept?

24/7, Ad Centric, Atlas, Blue Streak, DFA*, Clip Stream, EyeReturn, EyeWonder, EyeBlaster, KlipMart, Mediaplex, Point Roll, Real Media, Unicast, Zedo.

* Since we use DFP, internal redirects are required. If your 3rd party Ad Company is not listed please contact Ad Operations.

What do I have to keep in mind when preparing Flash files?

If supplying Flash creative for your ad, remember the dimensions and maximum file sizes (see the File Types & Preparation section if you’re not clear). We cannot support sizes that exceed these. Refer to our Ad Specs for this information.

Flash ads should have “ClickTag” implemented correctly so we can track the ad properly on our ad-serving system. For how to embed ClickTag on your flash banner, refer to our ClickTag Tutorial.

We also need an alternate static banner for users that do not have the flash plug in. Refer to our Ad Specs for this information.

Where can I find your Ad Specs?

Please refer to our banner Ad Specs for more information.

Where can I read more about your Advertising Policy?

Please refer to our Advertising Policy.