Third-party Ad Serving

Choosing The Right Publisher Tags Mode and Tag Type 

  Malaysiakini uses DoubleClick for Publisher (Google) as Ad-serving platform.

The primary decision you need to make when tagging your script with Google Publisher Tags is to allow asynchronous rendering.

Generally, we recommend using asynchronous rendering with single-request mode enabled. This combination offers the best page load experience and guaranteed roadblocks.

In order to get the greatest performance benefit, we recommend that you load both the library and the creatives asynchronously.

For YouTube via Google Analytics Tracking

YouTube / GA Video Tracking – Event Tracking

Mode of Event Tracking:
1.) Play
2.) Pause
3.) Mute
4.) Page view – video track

* Final views will be compared between GA & YouTube. GA video tracking views will always be higher than YouTube’s Video Views.

* Auto Play is not considered as one view.

Talk to Us 

For inquiries about the asynchronous rendering, please send email to [email protected]

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